Suicide in the Family

Dromahair is a small picturesque village nestled in the hilly north west of Leitrim in Yeats country. It is mentioned in Yeats’ poem “The man who dreamed of Faeryland” The River Bonnet runs through to Lough Gill where lies the Lake Isle of Innisfree – another of Yeats’ poems. It is the ancestral home of the Kings of the Breifne whose kingdom stretched from Kells in County Meath through Cavan, Leitrim and Sligo. Their castle ruins remain in the village. Continue reading

A Cry For Freedom

The pressures there

Fingers through my hair

Life’s a drag

Nothing to brag

Life is long

When is it going to end?

When is it going to end?

I’m going round the bend

It’s never going to end

Something has got to be done

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Tales from a Civilian living in a Green World

I was asked to write a short blog about what life is like in the Military, this might be a hard task in keeping it short!!!!!

I have to state at this point that I wasn’t a serving soldier in the British Military, but rather I worked for the Military for 2 years, from September 1994 to September 1996, as a Youth Worker, yes the British Military has its own Youth Service, it was a lot larger back then than it is now, and that is a reflection of the reduction of the military over the years, but have to say that the Military Community (including Veterans and their families) has grown to quite a sizeable number. Continue reading

Running as a Lifeline

I have been running for around 17 years, having started as an overweight, late twenty-something living in a new city, with no connections to anyone other than my then partner.

At first, it was an activity I did very slowly, on my own. I didn’t know anyone, let alone anyone who ran, and my total lack of confidence stopped me from seeking out anyone who did because I felt to slow/too fat/too unfit to run with anyone else anyway. Continue reading

Positive action

I started working for Liverpool City Council through the Positive Action Training and Employment Initiative around March 2003 as a Trainee Fitness Instructor.

The Positive Action Training Programme was a ground-breaking community initiative and one of the Councils key strategies to meet the challenge of local unemployment, social exclusion and institutionalised discrimination. Continue reading

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