The pressures there

Fingers through my hair

Life’s a drag

Nothing to brag

Life is long

When is it going to end?

When is it going to end?

I’m going round the bend

It’s never going to end

Something has got to be done

Pressures building

Depressions boiling

Can’t do anything right

Can life ever be bright?

Can I ever be right?

Can’t ever be right

Forced to be here

No one to lend an ear

I can’t bear

Waiting in my lair


Pressures boiled

Depressions overflowed

Skin is tight

I’m at the end of my plight

Something has to be done

Something has got to happen

The going at it’s toughest

But am I only the weakest

Do I take the hardest?

Or the easiest way out

The decision is mine


The pressure of the steam

There is no light at the end of the tunnel

The clouds are getting thicker

The light is dark

Something must be done

Done now

I must get away

The only way I can

I must get away

The plans are final

The finale is here

The decision is made

Swallow deeply






The clouds are clearing

There’s light at the end of the tunnel

The light is bright now

I’m meeting friends of old and new

It never ends

Life’s anew

It’s all so blue

There is no pressure

Just only pleasure

At my leisure

Death is just so sweet

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